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This is a combined kayak and cultural trip. We launch from a beach just a 20 minute drive from Bergen.


We and can see Edvard Grieg's cabin and house from the launch site. 


It's a short 20 minute paddle to Troldhaugen if we take time to enjoy the scenery. There is some house developing in the area, but the scenery around Griegs house is quite nice.


You have the option to visit the Grieg museum too. It takses about an hour, and costs 100,- NOK. More info here.


If you don't want to visit the museum, we can still visit the tomb, where Edvard and Nina is buried.


We can visit the islands in the area before we return to the beach. One of the islands; Marble Island, has a Marble mine.


I do this trip for 2-4 people. I do it for 1 person too for the cost of 3000,-.


Send me a mail to book:



Edvard Griegs Troldhaugen Trip

kr 1 500,00Pris
  • I pick you up at 10:00. Then we drive for 20 minutes, get dressed and launch from a beach. We'll paddle towards Troldhaugen with a very nice view of Edvard Griegs cabin and house. We land at Troldhaugen and visit the tomb. Visiting the Museum is optional and costs 100,- NOK and takes about an hour. You'll be back in Bergen 14:00, or 15:00 if you visit the museum. We can start earlier or later if you want. 

  • Cancelation policy on your part:

    - cancelation more than 20 days before the trip will result in a full refund

    - cancelation between 20 and 10 days will result in the loss of 50% of the trip fee

    - cancelation less than 10 days will result in the loss of 100% of the trip fee  


    Cancelation policy on our part:

    - cancelation will result in a full refund 

    - transport, travel, accommodation and other costs will not be covered  


    It is recommended th

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