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Explore the genuine West Coast of Norway, or paddle in one of the local Fjords.

I have few of my favourite locations for my guided daytrips. And I typically guide couples, friends and families up to 4 and maximum 6 people. My trips are aimed for the individual traveller. On the full day trips it's unlikely to meet tourists or cruise liners, on the half day trips we might meet locals. I want you to have exclusive memorable experiences in the heart of the genuine West Coast Norway.

I think it's 1w


- Level 1: no experience.

- Level 2: some experience and comfortable with capsising with a

spraydeck on. You don't have to wear a  spraydck.

- Level 3-5: can rescue and are likely to roll in conditions.

Please don't underestimate the dynamic and ever changing environment

on our rugged coast line. I can surely take you on an exiting trip, but you 

should be able to mak your own decitions and decide what your abilities are.

Bear in mind: the West Coast of Norway is a rapidly changing and sometimes hostile environment. I will make decitions on where to go depending on the 

current conditions. 


I do bespoke trips, courses and British Canoeing Star Awards. Please send

me a mail if you have any questions .


The trips are suitable for most people, but send me a mail if you are in doubt

if this suits you. I use the legendary Nigel Dennis Designs kayaks which are 

very stable, easy to paddle in a straight line and will turn on the spot. I have

drysuits for everyone too, so you can go for a swim if you like! I will listen to

your personal wants and needs so that you are in focus.

I was born in this region. I have been fishing and hiking here since I was able

to sit upright on the twart in my grandfathers traditional wooden boat, in the

village of Tælavåg. I'm quite familiar with the ocean environment as well as the

local history, geology, climate, culture, weather and all that lives and grows in

the ocean and on land. Most of the of seaweed, snails and plants and lichens

are actually edible and have been a part of the diet for thousands of years.

I'm more than happy to prepare real Viking food from the nature! How about seaweed-crisps?

The trips are approx 4 or 8 hours, depending on the driving, weather and paddle distance. I'll pick you up from where you stay, and drive you back after. Norwegian lunch

"matpakke" is included on the full day trips, but please buy your own lunch if you have special requirements. On the half day trips you can bring a snack and something to drink.

I'm a current British Canoeing International Sea Kayak Coach and Advanced Water (5 star) Leader. I coach in Moderate Water (4 Star) conditions and lead in Advanced Water (5 Star) conditions on the journey. You need to have the apropiate level of competence to go into moderate and advanced waters.


The trips are booked when they are paid. I might change destination due to weather conditions, but we can always go paddling here due to the friendly topography and mostly onshore wind.

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