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Level 2. I have chosen 2 smaller fjords for the guided trips. They are both relatively easy and the focus is the scenary. Option 1 or 2 is depending on the wind.


Option 1: Fyksesund is a fjord with no roads and just a few people living in the little village in the end. The distance can be 8 to 15 km depending on how far you want to paddle. There are no roads to the village, and the fjord is sorrounded by steep mountains ranging up to more than 1000 meters.


Option 2: Eidsfjorden is a nice paddle 8-12 km depending on how long you want to paddle. The famous waterfall Hesjedalsfossen is mid trip. There is a road on one side of the fjord, but it's actually quite spectacular. The tunnels on this narrow road was carved by hand in the 1930's and it took 19 years to build this road. 

Fjord Trip Full Day

kr 2 500,00Pris
  • I pick you up at 09:00. Then we drive for 90 mins, get dressed and explore the fjord until approx. 13:00. We land on a beach for lunch, and will normallly be on the water again at 14:30. we continue to explorer the area and land around 16:30. You'll be back in Bergen 18:00. We can start earlier or later if you want.

  • Cancelation policy on your part:

    - cancelation more than 20 days before the trip will result in a full refund

    - cancelation between 20 and 10 days will result in the loss of 50% of the trip fee

    - cancelation less than 10 days will result in the loss of 100% of the trip fee  


    Cancelation policy on our part:

    - cancelation will result in a full refund 

    - transport, travel, accommodation and other costs will not be covered  


    It is recommended that you take out cancelation insurance. 

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